Tim Hortons – A Name Synonymous With TRASH



I was out on my afternoon walk today and came across an all-to-common sight – a discarded cup from Tim Hortons littering our trails. There have been days where I have filled my side-pack with these things in order to get them to recycling bins where they belong. The above cup ended up in a public trash can in this case as I didn’t bring any bags to properly bring it home to the recycling bin.

I should point out the trash can was a mere 3 minute walk from where I found the cup.

I would love to point my finger at Tim Hortons, but that’s not realistic. In fact, Tim Hortons funds spring trash clean-ups across the country each year. However, is a couple weeks a year enough to combat this epidemic of trash thrown in their name? Probably not, but it is up TO THE REST OF US to keep up where they (and the volunteers) leave off.

Today was only one cup. Just wait until all this snow melts to reveal a sea of trash. Ugg 🙁

Out With Tech, In With Life


The Old Site Header – Modified

It’s been almost 4 years since making any updates to this web site. My passion for web development has waned and I no longer find passion or interest in doing it. In fact, I find technology in general to be more restraining than liberating.

The past few years has seen more and more of my time being spent in the great outdoors either hiking or bicycling. This has inspired me to convert this blog from being tech oriented to something more Nature and Life focused.

More posts to follow. Be sure to join me on twitter @Torn_Elements.

Finally! Google Chrome ‘Fits’ My Desktop!

I love Google Chrome. It’s a great light weight browser I’ve been using since version 1. My only complaint has been the fact it sticks out like a sore thumb on my desktop. Even on Windows7 you still get that ‘blue’ theme look. (Yes, I realize you can skin Chrome, but lets face it – the themes for Chrome suck big time.)

Today the first updates for Ubuntu 10.04 came down the pipes. Amongst them was an update for Google Chrome. (I run version 5 from the Dev channel) Thinking nothing more of it, I applied the updates and rebooted my machine.

When I came back and started Google Chrome and almost fell off my chair! It actually ‘FIT’ my desktop theme!

chromeShot1  chromeShot2

As you can see, not only is the desktop colour scheme FULLY supported, but the system icons are also in use.

It looks very nice on my desktop now. Like it belongs there. 🙂

Thanks Chrome!

Stop Joining FaceBook Groups Against Charging

facebookOnce again, FaceBook rumours are circulating about them wanting to charge their users $50/Month starting on July 8th, 2010.

How many times have we seen this over the last few years? Each time the rumour starts, many groups get started to protest this fictitious  charge. Like Lemmings, as soon as one misinformed person dives into the group, several hundred thousand follow.

See all those ads that appear on FaceBook? THIS is how they make their money – not from their users. Their whole business model is based on FREE ACCESS for it’s users. To do anything else would be effectively shooting themselves in the foot – and they know this!

A charge for FaceBook just isn’t going to happen. So stop joining these groups! You’re doing nothing but feeding the fire while at the same time making yourself look foolish.

Facebook – How Many Friends Hide Their Online Status?

As you may or may not know, FaceBook gives you the option of hiding your online status. It’s located as an option within the footer chat box. Simply open the chat box, hit options then click ‘go offline’. This effectively makes you invisible to your connected friends.

There is a way to easily find out how many people are hiding their status. For this to work you must physically log out of FaceBook (by hitting the logout link), then log back in. Once logged back in don’t click anything. Simply have a look at your friends list on the sidebar then compare that number to those in the Chat applet.

This example shows 2 more people in the chat applet than there is on the sidebar. This indicates that 2 people are hiding their online status. If you click the chat applet, those extra two friends in the count will disappear and the sidebar and chat applet will then match.

This will only show you how many friends are hidden, not who they are.

Also keep in mind the date of this posting. This small glitch my be fixed or could disappear the next time FaceBook rolls out there newest page layout.

This likely falls into the category of ‘useless information’ but thought I would post it anyway. I found it interesting.  🙂