No Rest For Mother Earth


I finished up early today and decided it was a beautiful, sunny day for a nice winter walk on one of my favourite walking trails – the south leg of the Victoria Rail Trail heading toward Bethany, ON.

As I trekked along taking in lung full after lung full of fresh air, I suddenly found myself gagging on fuel exhaust. WTF? I’m on a nature trail! Are there snow mobiles around?? Nope. A little further along and beyond the trees I found where the foul air was coming from.

Construction (or destruction depending on your point of view) was in full swing – even in the dead of winter – as they ripped and dug at the Earth to bury pipe for whatever project was under-way. Yup, more subdivisions on their way!

Poor Mother Earth. She doesn’t even get a break from the air pollution in the winter months any more. We now destroy and pollute 365 days a year because everything needs to be rushed and done yesterday. Sad…

A Simple Thank You!


I was out for my early morning walk this morning after a heavy overnight snowfall. The side walks for the most part were quite deep and quite a round of exercise to walk through.

I came across a gentleman about my age manually shovelling snow from the sidewalk in front of his house. It was obvious he’d been at it for a while as he was puffing pretty good as he cleaned the side walk down to the concrete.

I turned off my music and made a point of saying, “This sidewalk is awesome to walk on! Thank you so much!” Β He wiped his brow, smiled and simply replied, “Glad someone appreciates it.”

Sometimes we get so busy with life we forget to appreciate the simple efforts other people make. It only takes a moment to make someone feel appreciated. I think we both felt better for the encounter. πŸ™‚

Why I Now Embrace Winter


Taken 26-December-2013 – Click for full picture

Why do I now embrace winter? Well, first off I really have no choice unless I want to hide from it until spring. For the most part this is what I’ve done in previous years. Hell, there was entire winters where I never even opened the the window blinds in my apartment. In fact, until recently I always lived in the same building where I worked so my exposure to this weather was very limited.

Granted, walking around in deep snow can be exhausting, but it’s an extreme workout for the legs if deep enough. (Note to self: get Snowshoes!)

Putting health and fitness aside for a moment, you simply cannot deny the absolute beauty of a world covered in a fresh snowfall. The above is only one picture from the 244 I took that day. I spent 6 hours out there and simply could not stop snapping shots.

How could I hide from something like this? Fresh air, exercise, and absolute beauty! Man, I was so stupid for so long. It’s nice to finally be active and awake! πŸ™‚

My Morning Walk and Routine – Why I Do It


I have made several new life choices in the past month or so and one of the most enjoyable is my early morning walk. Regardless of weather, I make sure I get out and get some blood flowing before thinking about what the day is about to throw at me.

Below is a quick point form of my morning routine…

  • Wake up – Always happy about this one! πŸ™‚
  • Drink a litre of water – I do this over a 20-30 minute period. Chugging can make you nauseous.
  • Go for a 20-30 minute brisk walk – Not only does this wake you up (especially in winter) it gets the bodily fluids moving and doing the job their supposed to do. With winter temperatures and elevated heart rate, this activity also acts as a Natural Decongestant. Next thing you know you’re sniffing and spitting all that congestion that built up over night. By the time I get home, I’m thinking and breathing clearly. Nothing better!
  • Drink more water – Generally I have it mixed with some lime and Chaga (more on Chaga later – for now, Google it!)
  • Breakfast – Fruit. Period. Apples, oranges, melon, berries… whatever. Sometimes rolled oats makes it’s way into the menu also.
  • Get happy! – What ever it takes… DO IT! There is nothing worse than dreading the day ahead. I spent too much of my life doing that.

This routine is still pretty new to me, but doing it makes me feel fantastic! I need to keep at it! πŸ™‚

What Kind Of A Person Am I?



Last September I was out for a walk on our town trails when I can across a bug who had flipped over onto it’s back and could not right itself. He was a few inches away from a crushed snail body that had been crushed by a bike or other vehicle (most likely). This little guy was heading for the same fate.

I simply could not carry on without helping him out. I grabbed a stick and allowed him to grab onto it so we could get him on his way. After snapping the second picture above, I picked up both stick and bug and deposited them well into the grassed area. This likely took a couple minutes out of my day.

So, if you are wondering what kind of person I have become at this point in my life – THAT – RIGHT THERE is the kind of person I am. Period.