No Rest For Mother Earth


I finished up early today and decided it was a beautiful, sunny day for a nice winter walk on one of my favourite walking trails – the south leg of the Victoria Rail Trail heading toward Bethany, ON.

As I trekked along taking in lung full after lung full of fresh air, I suddenly found myself gagging on fuel exhaust. WTF? I’m on a nature trail! Are there snow mobiles around?? Nope. A little further along and beyond the trees I found where the foul air was coming from.

Construction (or destruction depending on your point of view) was in full swing – even in the dead of winter – as they ripped and dug at the Earth to bury pipe for whatever project was under-way. Yup, more subdivisions on their way!

Poor Mother Earth. She doesn’t even get a break from the air pollution in the winter months any more. We now destroy and pollute 365 days a year because everything needs to be rushed and done yesterday. Sad…