Why I Now Embrace Winter


Taken 26-December-2013 – Click for full picture

Why do I now embrace winter? Well, first off I really have no choice unless I want to hide from it until spring. For the most part this is what I’ve done in previous years. Hell, there was entire winters where I never even opened the the window blinds in my apartment. In fact, until recently I always lived in the same building where I worked so my exposure to this weather was very limited.

Granted, walking around in deep snow can be exhausting, but it’s an extreme workout for the legs if deep enough. (Note to self: get Snowshoes!)

Putting health and fitness aside for a moment, you simply cannot deny the absolute beauty of a world covered in a fresh snowfall. The above is only one picture from the 244 I took that day. I spent 6 hours out there and simply could not stop snapping shots.

How could I hide from something like this? Fresh air, exercise, and absolute beauty! Man, I was so stupid for so long. It’s nice to finally be active and awake! 🙂