Tim Hortons – A Name Synonymous With TRASH



I was out on my afternoon walk today and came across an all-to-common sight – a discarded cup from Tim Hortons littering our trails. There have been days where I have filled my side-pack with these things in order to get them to recycling bins where they belong. The above cup ended up in a public trash can in this case as I didn’t bring any bags to properly bring it home to the recycling bin.

I should point out the trash can was a mere 3 minute walk from where I found the cup.

I would love to point my finger at Tim Hortons, but that’s not realistic. In fact, Tim Hortons funds spring trash clean-ups across the country each year. However, is a couple weeks a year enough to combat this epidemic of trash thrown in their name? Probably not, but it is up TO THE REST OF US to keep up where they (and the volunteers) leave off.

Today was only one cup. Just wait until all this snow melts to reveal a sea of trash. Ugg 🙁