Finally! Google Chrome ‘Fits’ My Desktop!

I love Google Chrome. It’s a great light weight browser I’ve been using since version 1. My only complaint has been the fact it sticks out like a sore thumb on my desktop. Even on Windows7 you still get that ‘blue’ theme look. (Yes, I realize you can skin Chrome, but lets face it – the themes for Chrome suck big time.)

Today the first updates for Ubuntu 10.04 came down the pipes. Amongst them was an update for Google Chrome. (I run version 5 from the Dev channel) Thinking nothing more of it, I applied the updates and rebooted my machine.

When I came back and started Google Chrome and almost fell off my chair! It actually ‘FIT’ my desktop theme!

chromeShot1  chromeShot2

As you can see, not only is the desktop colour scheme FULLY supported, but the system icons are also in use.

It looks very nice on my desktop now. Like it belongs there. 🙂

Thanks Chrome!

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  • Titank

    Congrats 😀 enjoy Google Chrome, it pretty fast!

  • Larry Tyson

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