Stop Joining FaceBook Groups Against Charging

facebookOnce again, FaceBook rumours are circulating about them wanting to charge their users $50/Month starting on July 8th, 2010.

How many times have we seen this over the last few years? Each time the rumour starts, many groups get started to protest this fictitious  charge. Like Lemmings, as soon as one misinformed person dives into the group, several hundred thousand follow.

See all those ads that appear on FaceBook? THIS is how they make their money – not from their users. Their whole business model is based on FREE ACCESS for it’s users. To do anything else would be effectively shooting themselves in the foot – and they know this!

A charge for FaceBook just isn’t going to happen. So stop joining these groups! You’re doing nothing but feeding the fire while at the same time making yourself look foolish.

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