Love it! FireScope: A FireBug Addon for FireFox

firescope-logo As much as I’m trying to get away from FireFox, addons like this keep me coming back!

This morning I woke to an email from SitePoint announcing they have released a great little tool for FireFox’s FireBug addon.

FireScope integrates code referencing to Firebug.  (Click for larger view)


Besides the search box, there’s some handy information here. The above shows information on the BODY tag, including it’s W3C status and browser compatibility. This allows you to instantly know if special consideration for certain browsers may be in order. 

It’s funny… I’ve only seen the ‘buggy’ reference applied to IE in all the code I’ve looked at so far. 🙂

FireScope also offers code examples for elements. (Click for larger view)


Likely not a big deal for the pros, but I can see something like this being very handy to the newcomer to coding. Personally, I find myself doing a fair bit of referencing. This will make that aspect of my job much easier.

There are more features I haven’t played with yet. You can read about those on the FireScope page at SitePoint.

Great job guys!