Google Chrome Needs Developer Tools

Google Chrome After a huge falling out with FireFox over memory usage, I was once again in the market to try another browser. I’ve been around the net for some time now and have found that all the other major market share browsers have ticked me off in one way or another.

Be it page rendering problems, high memory usage, processor bog downs, or just PITA interfaces, they’ve all let me down.

I’d looked at Chrome briefly during it’s very short Beta period. As impressed as I was I simply dismissed it as too early for full time use.

Out of Beta now, it was time to give this browser another look.

It’s really very good! After 2 solid days of running Chrome, I don’t see any of the issues which always seem to plague me with other browsers. Normally by now I would have had to shut down and restart other browsers for one reason or another. It appears that when you close a tab in Chrome, you actually get ALL the memory it was using back. Amazing!

The only essential thing keeping me from switching to Chrome full time is it’s lack of developer tools. I’m talking about tools like FireBug for FireFox and the like. Until Chrome sees tools like this I will be forever tied to using FireFox for development. However, I’m hoping good things will come from Chrome V2 in regard to this.

I realize there’s a console in the Developer options of Chrome but it lacks FireBug’s ability to edit CSS and other elements on-the-fly. I rely on FireBug heavily as it’s fantastic for fine tuning layouts, styles or just quickly inspecting how other sites achieve effects. (Yeah, I’m a big ol’ snoop! 😉 )

Chrome seems to be light and efficient which is perfect for ol’ FrankenPuter here. Hopefully that will remain in version 2.

If you’re running a slower system like me, then definitely have a look at Google Chrome. Your computer will thank you.