10 Days In

Magnifying Glass It’s officially been 10 days since uploading WordPress to my server. I thought I would take a quick moment to review the actions and results so far.


  1. Selected a Theme and hacked it into place.
  2. Added relevant content.
  3. Added essential Plugins (Firestats, Discus, Google XML Sitemaps, etc)
  4. Added my URL to forum signatures and profiles.
  5. Almost swallowed an Earwig.
  6. Set myself up in various social networks. (Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed, etc)


  1. A Theme that is easy to read and more importantly, easy on the eyes.
  2. Getting hits from Search Engines for several posts I’ve made to this point.
  3. Plugins just make life easier and in some cases neater.
  4. I’m now seeing backlinks due to Forum Signatures. Like I said previously, it takes some time but I’m expecting to see anywhere from 500-1000 backlinks in the coming months just from previous Forum Posts. (Even more if I remain active in these forums)
  5. Puke!
  6. A blog is useless without connecting to other people. By adding and updating Social Media accounts, I’ve seen several visits from these services.

Some Stats:

  • Over 150 Unique visitors
  • Over 250 Page views
  • 14 RSS subscribers. (As of today… this number fluctuates daily)
  • 6 hits from Search Engines for content added to this point.
  • Over 100 backlinks. This will likely grow daily for the next while as more Forum Posts are added to the list.
  • Over 48 (double sized!) cups of coffee have been consumed.
  • Approximately 300 cigarettes have been smoked.
  • A dozen meals skipped.

I guess the next step is to get out there and start reading and commenting on other blogs. I’ll be yapping about this method in another post later. Doing this will also prompt more ideas for better posting. To this point I’ve just been posting about what I’ve been doing here and other things off the top of my head from experiences gone by.

It’s time to bring myself up to current speed in the topics I plan to cover here.