Preliminary Promotion

Backlink Promotion Although I’m nowhere near finished with my setup of this blog, I’ve taken some early steps toward getting some backlinks coming in. Certainly nothing major, but the coming weeks will see some good results from doing this.

Forum profiles and signatures are great ways to get the word out. My longevity on the web provides me with an abundance of Forum Accounts and Posts. Busy forums are best, but even dead forums will return a certain amount of link juice. So be sure to hit those long forgotten forum accounts if you decide to go this route. :)

Forum Profiles are not only viewed by people but Search Engine Spiders as well. A perfect place to stuff your blog URL. I’ve seen several of my Forum Profiles appear in Google within an hour of my joining a forum. Google LOVES forums. Make no mistake!

Forum Signatures is where it’s at! Attaching your blog link to your signature instantly adds the URL to any previous posts you’ve made. I have somewhere in the neighbourhood of 5,000 posts lurking out there. A good portion of these (but not all) will start showing up as backlinks to my blog. It may take a bit of time for them to start showing so it’s best to do this activity ASAP.

I launched a blog about a year ago and achieved a Page Rank of 3 within the first 7 weeks mainly due to Forum Signature links. So yeah, it’s a very effective way to achieve ranking. And people DO click on signature links. :)

I also added the link to places like FaceBook, LinkedIn and other social networks.

I’ll be discussing other methods of promotion as we go along. For now, we’ll fly with this.